Interim Management

We offer two service streams for Interim Management:


Interim Manager: Our interim managers deliver to the business the needed experience, the essential knowledge and the desired skills. They are available on request and remain in charge as long as required. They assume responsibility and leadership as required by the position. They leave as soon as success has been achieved and the mission has been completed. Our network consists of a number of very well qualified and carefully selected managers with various degrees of experience which include leading and managing diverse international and/ or cross-border teams.


Interim Project Manager: Our program or project managers assume the leadership during challenging phases and bring the project back to course. Our interim project managers complement your organization and leave as soon as the project is completed and has reached a robust state.


Our internal project managers and those in our network are selected according to three criteria: project experience, specific content expertise and industry knowledge.


We offer extensive experience in managing large-scale global programs as well as short/ long-term projects requiring functional expertise. Our project managers hold recognized certifications such as e.g. Project Management Professionals (PMP).

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