We provide system integration services in the areas of standard software, customized software and our Global Integration Platform (GIP).

Standard Software

We offer consulting services to integrate e.g. Avaloq, Temenos (T24) in your business operations.


Our services comprise the project phases of software selection, planning, analysis, implementation and review. Additionally we assist your organization to achieve process excellence while integrating standard software.


Please specifically go to our services for further details.

Customized Software

We offer to support the integration of your customized software solutions during phases of

  • Analysis and planning
  • Rollout in locations
  • Business alignment and process excellence
  • Requirements analysis and system enhancements

You can rely on our long experience in improving your customized software.


Our experience has shown how long the stretch between schoolbook Data Warehousing and the real life can be. Our integration platform takes many woes out of the strenuous task of integrating all of your diverse and historically grown systems. While not a product on its own, our Global Integration Platform is the information basis for all of Anvalad’s modules as well as our various partner products.


Designed with the combined experience of more than five custom projects it offers:

  • A platform independent framework for active intelligence
  • A comprehensive yet compact and extensible Wealth Management data model
  • Built-in „glocalization” – maintain your local and your global views
  • Rule-based standardization engine
  • Integrated historization and error handling

Our GIP can be used as the heart of your organization to support you with granular reporting on the level of your subsidiaries. Also it supports the aggregation up to the very highest level.

And best of all, it is not limited to our solutions but can be used by all your future initiatives as well. Just call us or drop us a note to sign-up for a complimentary introduction and demo.


Our Services


For references, please contact our Sales Team.

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