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Scrutiny from industry regulators and pressure from stakeholders to limit risk are unprecedented. Therefore, an organization’s ability to effectively and sustainably manage its risk has become a strategic success factor with direct impact to profitability and strategy effectiveness. This holds particularly true in an (regulatory) environment of increasing complexity, uncertainty and rapid changes.


We provide flexible customized risk management advice and offer to work collaboratively cross-functionally within the client organization. Our support aims at achieving your organization's risk objectives and regulatory compliance while targeting to balance efficiently between risk and business needs. We help your organization to focus on your areas of increased risk, bridge silos to ensure a F2B-view and enable informed risk taking (within the boundaries of risk appetite) as a means to value creation.


Our Risk & Regulation services combine in-depth experience in the following industry sectors of Asset Management, Banking and Capital Markets, Financial Services, Insurance, Private Equity and Real Estate.

Our coverage includes the following areas:


Risk Management and Control: We support your organization in adding value to risk processes in terms of

  • Design and implementation of risk methodologies, approaches and frameworks
  • Assessment and/ or remediation of known and emerging risks

with a view to support strategic objectives and protect the firm’s financial and reputational capital.


Compliance and Regulation: Our service aims to assist your organization in meeting regulatory and compliance requirements by means of systematically anticipating and swiftly reacting to compliance and regulatory developments.


Privacy and data protection: We support in

  • Assessing the current state of your privacy and data protection environment,
  • Developing and implementing global solutions,
  • Managing incidents of identity theft and data mismanagement and
  • Maintaining the security of sensitive information

Governance: We provide advice to Risk Committees, Audit Committees and other Senior Management governance bodies on emerging governance topics and leading practices. We further support in the design, development, implementation and assessment of governance frameworks.


Audit: We provide expert advice and practical support in the assessment of Audit readiness as well as in the preparation and/ or remediation of Audit matters.



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